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So what’s the deal with shoe shopping huh?. It’s hard, annoying and so expensive, like please pick a struggle! However, isn’t it just worth the struggle when you find the perfect pair of shoes?. It’s such an amazing feeling. So maybe the struggle we should be focusing on is making it less expensive, right? I have outlined five ways to save money on shoes below and here they are!


There are sites that are specifically known for their great deals on shoes, sites like Amazon and Make it a deal to look for sites like these and try your best to retrieve coupons. Bookmark all your coupons as they can easily be forgotten and never be ashamed to be a coupon collector!
If shopping online is not your cup of hot beverage, then you could be looking at finding shops that offer deals by researching them first before leaving the house.
In my own experience with shoe shopping, I have found that amassing loyalty cards might seem like such a chore. But they come in handy when you want to save money on that one in a million shoe.
Clearance deals are also always available and you often find some amazing gems in the clearance section.
So, collect coupons and loyalty cards, always do your research for good deals (and trust me there always is a deal or two). Use sites that are known for their good deals on shoe shopping and lastly always bookmark your coupons so as not to forget them when you need them the most!


It is always a good idea to, in my own personal experience, buy shoes when they are not yet in season.
The reason is, companies will not sell them at maximum price at that period because no one will buy summer shoes in spring on a normal day and so it always goes at half price.
These shoes are still in perfect mint condition, they are just not in their prime yet and this is the best time to snatch them up!
If in winter, why not start buying your spring shoes and in spring, summer shoe shopping should be happening. Trust me, you will not regret it.
While shopping online though, you may find them to be very limited in the type of out of season shoes they have, but remember that the same sites that offer good deals will definitely sell out of season shoes at very good prices!


If there is one thing I love, it is thrift shopping. I just want to mention two things before getting into this section:
1. Thrift shopping is nothing to be ashamed of.
2. If you’re thrifting, remember to be giving right back. This means old shoes, out of season shoes, shoes that don’t fit anymore etc. Just give back as you take, so that everyone has the privilege of finding gems as you did.
Thrift shopping, for those who do not know what it means, is buying used things, like shoes, clothes and house decoration.
I have found some of the coolest things while thrifting and I think it’s a whole new world to explore if you haven’t.
Plus, stores like the British Heart Foundation, give back a huge number of their proceedings to the charity they work with, so not only are you saving money by buying used shoes, you’re giving back to the community.
Another advantage of thrifting is the wonders it does towards saving the planet. By recycling used shoes, you are a part of the bigger solution, which is project save the planet.
So, if you’re thinking of adding new shoes to your collection, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from going out to the nearest thrift store and having a look around!


I know this seems a bit counterproductive as these is going to look like a more expensive option but hear me out. It is better to have one quality shoe in your wardrobe than have ten non-quality shoes. That will easily spoil and then you have to go shopping again.
In the past, I too have made the mistake of choosing quantity over quality. Because I thought I was getting a pretty good deal. I had to return to change those shoes again in another three months of use.
The annoyance of having to go through the painstaking process of buying shoes led me to miss out on good deals and opportunities I could have used and the next shoe shopping I did was not the best set of decisions I ever made.
What I am trying to say is, save yourself the hassle of doing the same thing twice because you think you have found a good deal.
This is just something you cannot escape. You have to make sure the quality is great and CHOOSE. You don’t really need those 7 shoes, 2 good shoes are fine and you know it as well as I do.
There are great places to find quality shoes for reasonable prices. Once again your time spent researching is vital when shopping for shoes. So get researching and save money on shoes for the family.


So you know that your day involves a lot of walking. Maybe school runs and handling a lot of customers on foot, you may want to go for the more convenient and comfortable options.
Is it really a wise decision to buy those heels even when you know you will never wear them. I understand that they are aesthetically pleasing. But why are you buying shoes that are impractical just because they’re aesthetically pleasing?
When buying shoes, you really need to be practical. Make a list of the places you go to, the type of things you encounter on a daily basis. For example, do you handle a lot of “messes and spills”. the kind of clothes you have in your wardrobe etc.
Don’t mistake ‘want’ for ‘need’ and end up in the shops again months later, looking for another pair of shoes.

Tell me in the comments which one of these resonated the best with you save money on shoes and other tips you think may help shoe shopping cheaper and more efficient.
Till the next article!

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