Which Dishwasher to buy

Which Dishwasher to buy

I am delighted to write about dishwashers. Especially about which dishwasher to buy from a whole lot of them out there.

There are some weird things I have had to write about as a writer, some of them have been nostalgic, some of them very insightful, some of them really comedic but in all my imaginations, I never saw me writing about dishwashers.

Something that has time and again saved us from the knuckle breaking labor that is dishwashing?

My African mother just scoffed at that. “Why do I need a dishwasher when I have hand eh?” I guess some people still don’t see the need for a more digital approach to chore efficiency, but we are not here to discuss the traditional approach versus the digital approach to dishwashing.

Dishwashers are such a staple in most homes, they’re almost an essential commodity in today’s day and age and isn’t it such a relief to not have to wash the dishes by hand? After everything you have gone through during the day, it’s these little things that make your day easier.

It also turns out that there are so many things you have to think about when buying a dishwasher, I thought they were just supposed to wash? Apparently, you have to even think about something called quiet performance?? I guess we really have to discuss the things to look at when buying a dishwasher.


Does the Cleaning Ability Suit my Needs?

The cleaning ability is so important when trying to buy a dishwasher, forget how it looks or how cool those other features sound,

  1. Does the cleaning power suit your dishwashing needs?
  2. How many bottles do you have in your daily dish routine?
  3. How much a greasy eater are you?
  4. Do you live in a hard water area?

There are dishwashers that work best with your cleaning needs and cater to those really important nooks and crannies, first functionality and then aesthetics.


Does it Fit Properly?

Now depending on the type of kitchen you have, you are able to guage the amount of space you can sacrifice for a dishwasher.

You definitely have to take into account the size of the dishwasher when buying it, this is just a reasonable thing to do really


How much Power does it Require?

Yes some dishwashers actually require a lot more electrical power than some! In some of our households, cutting down power usage is so important. So much so that, we regularly think of things to cut out when we see the bill at the end of the month. For a lot of us, it’s not even the bill as much as it is our worry for the environments.


Is it Worth the Investment? As with everything we invest in, we want to know that we are getting our money’s worth.

  1. How many cycles does the machine have?
  2. How much water does it require?
  3. What is the water temperature range?
  4. What sort of materials are used in creating the body and inner chambers?
  5. How quiet is it?
  6. Does it have modern technology, like wifii functionality?
  7. What is the energy consumption like ?

These are all valid questions that must be answered before you buy your dishwasher.


A Brief History of Dishwashers

The mechanical dishwashing machine was actually invented by Josephine Cochrane, her motivation was not entirely to make washing dishes easier but to protect her china from getting damaged during washing.

The first dishwasher to be granted a patent however was a wooden machine invented by Joel Houghton, which was a more manual contraption. This was granted in 1850. Although the dishwasher design had existed since the 19th century, it didn’t become widely accepted until the second world war was over, which was 1950.

By 1970, it became very widespread and now, we can say that over 70% of homes in Europe possess a dishwasher.

Some of The Most Interesting Dishwasher Brands in 2022


If there is something these guys are doing right, it is size! Comfee Dishwasher is a must have for people looking for something small and cute. They keep introducing more portable dishwashers and the hottest thing that they have on the market right now is the mini countertop dishwasher. As the name suggests, it sits cute and pretty on your countertop, while being able to contain and wash up to 30 items!

Their dishwashers mainly have 5 cycle options, which is decent, and utilises high temperature technology to get dishes clean. The features are also adjustable according to special needs, like a “slopable” rack for cups and versatile cup racks. They mostly fall below 500 pounds and are definitely worth the investment, for those looking to save space and power.



These dishwashers are for the eco friendly people like myself. They have up to 6 cycle options, with integrated smart technology to make the dishwashing process super energy saving. It even possesses a half load function, which allows you to not fully load the machine and still save water doing it.

Russell Hobbs dishwasher is perfect dishwasher to reduce the electricity bills and save the environment, while not excessively going out of your way to do so! It’s not exactly the quietest dishwasher but it is surely catering properly to energy needs. In terms of functionality, it cannot really compare to Hisense but it does pack a punch when it comes to temperature option flexibility.

There are not a lot of dishwashers made by them right now but they all fall just under 400 pounds and are worth the investment if your thing is saving energy when you are analysing which dishwasher to buy!



Hoover dishwasher approach to establishing themselves as a household name is to be fully digitally integrated. With very modern features like wifi connectivity, soft touch buttons and remote controlled settings, they seem to be finding ways to cater to the more digitally inclined households. You are more likely to find these types of dishwashers in smart homes. They also seem to be doing exceedingly well in terms of energy consciousness and this is a super great feature to add on, especially in a digitally forward household. Hoover doesn’t seem to have perfected their design yet and there are still a lot of negative reviews regarding the button features and the wifi connectivity. There really isn’t any complain with the functionality however, so maybe we just need to give them some time to perfect these wonderful features they are offering. They mostly fall under 400 pounds, except a few that exceed that price. Overall, i cannot confidently say it is worth the investment right now but I am very sure Hoover is on their way therewhen you are looking for which Dishwasher to buy



BELLING Dishwasher

This one has really got me excited because it is both time saving and energy efficient! Belling seems like the perfect brand for the modern working class family, they really take into consideration energy needs and are, dare I say, more energy efficient than the Russell Hobbs dishwashers that hold energy usage consideration as their stronger abilities. It has 6 cycle options and 6 temperature settings, which does fall below that of Russell Hobbs but all in all, I think the designers have done pretty well with listening to regular dishwasher needs and putting it together without toomany decoy features to make up for insufficiency in functionality. It’s not super quiet but it is quiet enough to not be obnoxious and to fit into house or apartment. They mostly offer fully integrated style dishwashers and aren’t really focused on wifi integration yet, but they are definitely doing great in terms of functionality and efficiency. They all fal comfortably under 400 pounds, which is super affordable and definitely worth it’




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